Adventure Through Pirate-Infested Waters (All-out Movie Night)


Did you watch the Goonies when you were a kid? Have you watched it again later – maybe in highschool or college? It was fun right? This date night idea suggests you break out this Spielberg classic yet again by going all out and maximizing your at-home blast from the past with your main squeeze.

We were inspired by a list of date night ideas that included to re-watch the first movie you watched together. We watched this in a group before we started dating, so it was especially fun to remember what we were thinking about when Mr. Smooth just happened to sit next to me.

Phase One – put it on the calendar and planned our movie and menu theme. We decided Goonies required Italian food and ice cream and pirate costumes (We tried to time our ice cream eating to match the classic scene with Chunk’s discovery of this frozen treat in the basement of the old restaurant).   

Phase Two – pre put the baby to bed. We started our pirate shenanigans early so our 14 month old could join in the fun. She had great fun watching us put on pirate hats and eye patches and then trying them on herself – we taught her how to be a pirate and ate pizza together (She still says “ARRRRR” when you say “pirate”).

Phase Three – Adults only! After we put the baby to bed, we got in our pirate gear, including temporary tattoos, to watch the movie and snuggle on the couch.

We had fun remembering the first time we watched this movie and making this time around super-special. Let us know if you have other all-out movie night suggestions!


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