Pen Elaine’s Second Halloween


Happy Halloween!

Pen Elaine is going to be a gnome for her first trick-or-treating! She is really into owls right now, so I found some owl activities on my Pinterest boards. Next, I decided to decorate a pumpkin to enter in the local library’s pumpking decorating contest for kids. Since I knew I’d be the one doing most of the actual decorating, I wanted to put Pen’s stamp on it…so I decided to use her handprint to make an owl on the pumpkin. First, I decoupaged it with tissue paper I’d been saving for such a time as this 🙂 *A tip for decoupaging pumpkins, we cut an X to carefully put the paper over the stem of the pumpkin and go from there; we used to pieces of tissue paper just long enough to reach the bottom, then cut darts in spots that needed help to lay flat. Well, my honey helped me with that part, so we were pretty proud to get our blue ribbon for “best owl pumpkin” from the contest…turns out everyone’s a winner!


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