Toddler Dates


My husband and i try to have frequent date nights, and we love them! We get out of the house together, just the two of us. Well, sometimes my daughter and I need a date day, too! Maybe my 14-month-old wont remember our dates from this early, yet, but i will remember, and we’ll both enjoy it today! So, a while back, the movie theater had a winnie-the-pooh showing at 9:30am for a buck.

Pen Elaine didn’t really watch TV at home, and she had never sat through 10 minutes, let alone an hour-long movie with any success, but I really wanted to share this experience with her of watching the hundred acre woods on the big screen. So, we showed up at the theater armed with baby snacks galore, milk in a sippy cup, and a pacifier on a clip, as well as the expectation of possibly having to leave the movie prematurely and that being just fine. She watched a little of the movie, especially the singing parts, and a lot of the other kids in the theater,and we stayed for the entire movie! It was magical!

After the movie, we continued our girls’ day out with a walk at the mall, which included some play at the quarter rides- you know, the toddler sized cars and trucks that cost 2 or 3 quarters. Of course, we didn’t actually put in any money, just the demo sounds and thrill of sitting in a stationary fire truck with a dog driving can be plenty of excitement for a 1-year-old!
Of course, we arrived home in time for lunch and naptime. It was a magnificent date day!

Here’s some other Toddler Date ideas:

  1. Local library for toddler storyhour

  2. Local library to pick out books (and walk around wherever they want)

  3. Kids’ area of a bookstore, e.g. Hastings, Barnes & Noble- lots of bookstores have train sets, stuffed animals, reading chairs and table, a little stage, etc. **my toddler thinks it’s like going to Disney World or something – she looooooves it and gets excited when she just sees us getting close to the kids’ section of the store!

  4. Produce stand at farmer’s market or grocery store- she can point out the fruits and veggies she knows, such as apple, banana, grapes, and more as she develops

  5. Hospital nursery- this may sound weird, but if you want to visit someone at the hospital, toddlers love babies!

  6. My honey likes to take our toddler to a home improvement store…she loves riding in the shopping cart that has a car to “drive.”


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