I am SEW thankful series: EasyPeasy DIY toddler nap-mat


My baby is growing up. She started going to MDO once a week, so she takes naps there…without me! without her crib!

Well, on her first day of MDO, I was kind of nervous about it, so I picked her up before nap time so she could sleep at home, but this also gave me a chance to scope out other kids’ napmats so I could decipher what this mysterious item was all about. I came home with the realization that she needed a super cute nap mat, asap. I couldn’t find anything that fit that description in any store or online that also didn’t cost less than 50 bucks. Thus, I knew I could make a super-cute one myself!

  • I looked online for the dimensions of a typical toddler nap mat (sorry to take advantage of you, etsy).
  • Then I scoured my house for what material, ribbon, and blanket-y think I already owned. I did have to buy a pack of quilter’s stuffing. I bought enough to double it over inside of her napmat, from Wal-mart (my local store still has a tiny fabric dept.). I happened to have one of those fleece throws that had been a past Christmas gift that never got used, so this seemed the perfect time to put it to use. The blanket was wide enough to be where she lays as well as to fold over as a cover.
  • Next, I laid out my blanket, put the doubled quilter fill on top (it was long enough to double a second time where her head would lay). I sewed that together, along each edge, and also at the bottom of the “pillow” portion (where the quilter fill was doubled). I used the zig-zag stitch to make things extra secure. Pictured below is how this looked, with my cover fabric, cut to size, laid on the floor (right) next to my first sewing setup.

  • I then sewed the (yellow) fabric on three sides, leaving one long side open. Flipping this sewn fabric inside out, now it has three hidden seams and can be fit over the sewn quilter fill/blanket like a pillow case. So, now, I tucked in a hem and sewed the yellow fabric piece together with the extra blanket sticking out to be used as a cover for my Pen Elaine. I always used the zig zag stitch. I had to go over this more than once since it was hard to see if I was getting both hems of the cover fabric well (I should have pinned it to be perfect).

  • I stitched cross-wise over the cover fabric, to keep things in place, at the bottom of the “pillow” portion as well as an inch up from the very top and very bottom (foot), using zig zag stitch again.
  • Finally, I sewed on two pieces of ribbon to the foot end, folded in half, to be used as two ties for keeping the mat rolled up. I also sewed on a shoulder strap ribbon. Finished!

I let Pen Elaine try it out, and she loved it!


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