Indoor “sledding”


Here’s an easy toddler activity to get your own heart race up! We used a bedspread as a sleigh to pull the girls all around the house. We got the fastest on the hardwood, but carpet worked fine too – and felt a little safer, ha! They loooooooved it – I wanted to stop before they did so I could lie out and catch my breath. Activities like this are helpful for toddlers’ developing sense of self and awareness of their own bodies, feeling the way their body balances on the blanket surface as it glides over the floor and  seeing the way the blanket serves as a tool for motion both contribute to gross motor skills and to cognitive development and tool use. It was so cute the way they were frozen on the blanket, in anticipation of the fun ride. We started off by just laying them out on it, then gathering up a hold on one side. My next goal will be to teach some kids to pull each other around!




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