Christmas magic


We’re getting ready for Christmas! I love to start celebrating Christmas as soon as possible. It’s a great excuse to wear glitter nail polish and talk about Jesus with my little girl. Here’s some ways I’ve started celebrating as soon as we were home from Thanksgiving:

  • Sing Christmas carols when I’m putting my baby down for bed or nap time
  • Have my plastic nativity set out for Pen Elaine to play with and randomly ask her to find baby Jesus
  • Pull out all Christmas themed kids’ books for perusing and reading
  • Make s’mores in the fireplace
  • Drink hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles
  • Take lots of photos…of everything!
  • Enjoy the yule time fireplace “show” via netflix
  • Buy mittens for kiddo
  • Watch cheesy holiday movies found at the library
  • Read a daily Advent-oriented devotional…here’s some free ones online: BibleGateway or DesiringGod or Billy Graham

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