Christmas traditions: silhouettes

Christmas traditions: silhouettes


To me, a silhouette is timeless. I love them on everything; I even put them on my wedding programs. So, I decided that a fun Christmas tradition for me to do as a keepsake of my kids is to draw their silhouette each year. I just take a profile snapshot of my baby and then paste the image into the paint program on my computer. Using the free-image select function, I cut out the shape of her profile and paste it into another page. (I dont worry about hair until later, for baby or toddler heads.) Then, I “paint can” all the area surrounding the pasted silhouette face or draw an outline round it, whichever works best. Finally, I cut out the silhouette one last time, using the free-image select button, and paste it somewhere else, leaving me with a pretty silhouette head that I can change colors as desired. Now, to capture a cute look for baby or toddler hair, I simply googled “toddler silhouette” for ideas and used trial and error from there!

🎄Using a silhouette ideas:

1. For Christmas, I printed out a silhouette and mounted it on cute paper to hang from mantel with stockings.

2. I also used the image to add to my Christmas card address labels.

3. Last year, I printed a mini-silhouette for inside lockets to be given as auntie gifts.

4. One year, I want to embroider the silhouette outline onto fabric in a frame.

5. My future goal is to have a silhouette collection wall!
(Here’s one and two more I like!)



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