Handprint in Stitches

Handprint in Stitches


Having a kid around makes gift giving so much easier for parents and grandparents! The only problem is that when I figure out something to make for family members, I end up wanting one for myself, too…This year, I wanted to document handprints and footprints, but to make it into something more like art. I love the sweetness of needlepoint, so for gift project number one, I made a handprint in stitches.

1. I traced Pen Elaine’s hand (Quickly) with crayon on paper.

2. I found fabric scraps around my house, then traced her handprint using a pen/sharpie onto the fabric. If your fabric is not see-through enough for this to work, just cut out the paper handprint to trace on top of the fabric.

3. Finally, I used running stitches on the non-marked side of the fabric to create the needlepoint handprint! *Remember to let the side with the tracing to be on the back; just keep checking the backside as you are stitching to make sure you are staying on course. Below is a picture of the back of my project.



For smaller, more easily-mailed gifts, I also made some footprint and thumbprint art! I was inspired by some Pinterest finds. Then I punched a hole, strung through some twine, and mailed my sentimental ornaments to Pen Elaine’s great-grandparents.



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