Christmas Tradition: plastic nativity

Christmas Tradition: plastic nativity


My nativity set was “passed down” from my mom, so it is really magical to have Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus that I played with as a kid, and now to see my own little girl playing with them. I say “passed down” loosely, meaning that, really, she was cleaning out and ready to get rid of them, so I think I saved them from the trash.
I don’t know if the set counts as a family heirloom since its plastic…but it is perfect for my toddler to wrap her hands around the nativity family. Not only does she love making the little, plastic sheep “baaaa” and putting little baby Jesus in his manger bed, she is building her representation of the people involved at the birth of Christ. By working on her fine motor skills and involving more of her five senses in processing the people and event, playing with the nativity figures helps her brain make different types of connections while learning about Jesus coming to earth. One tradition we want to start with Pen Elaine, now that she can talk and play more clearly, is to re-enact the nativity scenes using the figures while we read the real Christmas story (probably from Luke 2). Having a plastic baby Jesus that is touchable and approachable and can go anywhere around the house with her must send some sort of message to a kid, right?



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