Christmas tradition: Advent

Christmas tradition: Advent

When it comes to Christmas advent, I feel a lot of pressure for it to be awesome and cool and fun and joyful and focused on the reason for the season…The thing is, though, that I love building anticipation and getting in the Christmas spirit, taking time every day to remember that we are getting ready to celebrate the time when God sent His son as a tiny baby, as soon as Thanksgiving is on the horizon, so I’m always on the lookout for the perfect advent countdown and activities. This year, my toddler’s favorite thing to do, as far as advent goes, is to move the felt heart from one pocket to the other. At least, it was her favorite for maybe a week. Now, her favorite game to play with the advent calendar is to pretend to put the heart in all the wrong pockets, saying “noooo,” “nooooo,” and eventually just leave the heart hanging in no pocket at all.



My other advent activity, that Pen Elaine doesn’t really appreciate yet, but I’m sure she will in the future. For now, it’s an activity for my honey and me. Last year, I found some day-by-day advent Bible verse printables going through the Christmas story, which I glued to pieces of scrapbook paper and then glued another piece with the number on the flip side, as seen below. (I can’t remember the website, but it must be posted somewhere on my Holiday Pinterest board.) Last year, I clipped them all to a chicken-wired frame, but this year, we strung them up on twine in our eating area, so it’s easier to read them every day at breakfast or dinner. We flip them around once they’ve been read. Also, I wrote out a bunch of advent activity ideas and put all the papers in a jar. So, every day (that we’re not busy with something else festive) we draw three activities in the morning and choose one to do that evening, pretty low-key. Check my holiday pinterest board for advent activity ideas; I also recommend The Activity Mom for ideas!




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