Toddler on an Airplane

Toddler on an Airplane

Welcome to my new author for our blog: my sister, who my daughter calls Sunflower, or a version of that…I’m so excited for her to share her version of using Whimsy in Love. Thanks, sister, for sharing your insights and creativity as a loving mama!

As a single mom, and any mom of a 2 ½ year old for that matter, I was a bit nervous to be tackling on three flights alone this holiday season. The flights would be 2 hours & 45 minutes, 1 hour, & 2 ½ hours. I spent time beforehand reading up on other mom’s advice, ideas, and success stories for flying with a full energy toddler.


For our first flight (2 hours, 45 min.), Princess Kay was a little tired, so I needed constant distractions. I’d read up on bringing “presents” to open throughout the flight, this was brilliant! She couldn’t resist opening up small toys she’d forgotten about, as well as paperback books. I did also bring one or two new toys as well. I had filled her lunchbox with small felt stickers, a notepad, crayons, sticky tabs, and felt balls (all are some of Princess Kay’s favorite things). She enjoyed having a few books read to her, but what really did the trick was Play dough! She’d only played with the stuff once before at church, I always feared the mess, but it was a perfect plane toy! Not too messy, and she loved it! We made snowmen, houses, and flowers. I gave her gummy bears, gum, and lollipops for the takeoff and landing.


We had two flights going home, with a 50-minute layover. The first flight was only an hour, so I let Princess Kay eat Nutter Butters, which take a long time for her to eat since she breaks them apart & only eats the inside. Food was the main entertainment on this flight since it was about lunch time.

Our layover was just enough time to find our gate, buy some gummy snacks, and allow Princess Kay to run around in their play area before boarding our last 2 ½ hour flight. Play dough was the only entertainment source that remained successful. For this flight I let Princess Kay play games on my tablet, turn and talk to the people behind us, play with play dough, and eat dots! I would definitely get dots for another flight! They take a while to eat & kept her gums moving for takeoff!

What worked for Princess Kay:
o Play dough
o Dots candy
o Gummy candy
o Paperback books
o Time consuming food (Nutter Butters)
o Tablet/smartphone games
o “Presents”
o Talking to other passengers



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