Pen Elaine’s most favorite book…this week


Pen Elaine has gone crazy for Madeline! She can request her by name, and she had a mini-meltdown when we took a short break between Madeline books (just to switch spots on the bed) at bedtime tonight. We’ve been reading the first book Madeline as well as Madeline and the gypsies , both by Ludwig Bemelmans. In the gypsy story, Pen Elaine loves pointing out the elephant on all the pages and and making the horse sound on the cover. When reading the original book, we had fun pointing out my Honey’s appendix scar that matches Madeline’s!
The Madeline series is so magical for its classic longevity and its timeless themes about friendship, home, and having optimism and pluck in trying circumstances. I also love how Miss Clavel ends each book by telling the girls to “thank the Lord you are well.” Of course, some of the most fun comes from reading with your best French accent and traveling to Paris through all the artistic paintings of true Parisian landmarks. Enjoy reading these books and making whimsical memories!


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