Getting Crafty with Coffee Liners

Getting Crafty with Coffee Liners

Well, all the credit has to go to the Pinterest link to “Mom to 2 posh lil divas,” so thanks to them! I tried it out with Pen Elaine, and I’m ready to use this activity again and again! So easy because all I had to gather was 1)water in spray bottle, 2)washable markers, and 3)coffee filters – all things that live at my house! Here’s our strategy:

  1. I set her up at the table that is covered with a castoff shower curtain, of course any surface that can get wet would do
  2. Pen Elaine drew with a marker, however she wanted, on a coffee filter
  3. I sprayed her coffee filter with water, generously, about 3ish sprays
  4. I helped her to crumple the wet coffee filter into a ball and mop up any colored water off the table
  5. Finally, we gently and carefully unfolded the filter and then hung it on a twine “clothesline” – later I decided just draping it over the clothesline worked best

Pen Elaine really got into coloring and crumpling and mopping and unfolding. Of course, when I stepped out of the room for a second, she managed to bite off the tip of one of the markers. She also managed to pull the marker ink-thing out of the plastic marker at one point, but I pushed it back in with no trouble. You can see she got her face a bit, but washable marker comes right off, so this craft was virtually mess-free, which was wonderful and makes me willing to re-live this activity anytime!! Now, my next plan is to use our “water-colored” coffee filters to make pom-pom flowers…



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