Pen Elaine’s most favorite book…this week

Pen Elaine’s most favorite book…this week

One of our recent favorite reads included Scuba Bunnies by Christine Loomis and illustrated by Ora Eitan. This one got my Honey hooked because e couldn’t resist the intrigue of cute little bunny rabbits going scuba diving! The pictures were simple enough to tell a story for Pen Elaine but hilarious enough for the adult readers to stay interested. We all wanted to take in every detail! The words rhyme and draw you in to an underwater adventure. The book ends with love and comfy family. We highly recommend! It’s sure to make your big and little readers smile.

Reading together is an opportunity for joint attention or mutual gaze, in which we are both attending to the same point of interest at the same time. Research has shown that infants and young children actually have better memory for objects they’ve seen during joint attention, better learning, and higher brain activation (example article by Reid & Striano) than when attending to the same object independently.




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