Toddler Valentines

Toddler Valentines

This is my first year to need Valentine cards for my daughter to give out to friends, so it is very exciting! She is too young to want to go choose her own cards, but I wanted to include her in their creation. Also, I had seen and picked up some heart-shaped crayons from the store that I wanted to use, since toddlers are better with crayons than candy, usually… So, first, I put Pen Elaine in her high chair and taped down two edges of a piece of brown construction paper to her tray. Then, I gave Pen Elaine free reign with some globs of red and white craft paint in a paper bowl and two brushes. I let her artwork dry, then drew hearts on the back of the paper to cut out the number needed for enough Valentine cards.

For my project, I put a crayon into a plastic sandwich bag, the kind that folds to close, not the zip-close. I folded a cut rectangle of craft paper in half and stapled it over the plastic baggie that had been folded over twice, to seal it all up. Next, I stapled on the heart from Pen Elaine’s artwork. Finally, I wrote my “to” and “from” and a corresponding quote, “You color my world, Valentine!”

I’ve also included pics of my sister’s cute creations for my niece to give away. She put together a sweet mix of pink treats that are yummy and healthy for toddlers! She also ties on a perfect Scripture about letting the little children come to Jesus. See Matthew 19:19.
Have fun getting in the spirit of Valentine’s Day!



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