Mommy & Me Class Series: I love you Valentine

Mommy & Me Class Series: I love you Valentine

Well, a rainy day led our craft class this week to be low-key and less crafty, but much more chatty and laugh-y…we got to talk about our favorite moms-of-preschoolers-things, e.g. hormones, pregnancy, nursing, picking up toys, and some other super secret stuff.

Nevertheless, we did prepare one craft for our preschoolers this week: a Valentine card using their handprints and perfect for a Daddy Valentines card. I had seen a picture of this and thought it was such a sweet way to use a handprint. Plus, this handprint is paint-mess free!

*Just fyi, I did Step 1 in class, ahead of time, then I did Step 2 before her nap and the rest of it after her nap. I also had paper and crayons close by for when she got bored during slow parts of this process.

  1. Cut fabric square to fit your card size, we used an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of cardstock and random fabric scraps from around my house.
  2. Trace child’s handprint onto fabric (or this could all be done with paper), and cut it out carefully
  3. Let your toddler glue the big piece of fabric to the paper.
  4. Fold card paper in half, to be like a card. Then, let toddler glue hand print cutout to front of card, leaving third and fourth fingers free of glue, since they’ll be folded down to make the “I love you” sign language.
  5. Now, put small dots of glue at the tip of the third and fourth fingers and fold them down to make the “sign.”
  6. I finished ours off with a personal note/translation 🙂



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