Babies are for Lovers…and showering with Love!



20130208-141502.jpg I love baby showers! Now, with Pinterest, throwing a shower or party of any kind makes me go crazy with planning, but I can never stick to one theme. So, when it came to throwing a baby shower for my best friend since middle school, I let myself go crazy. After all, I had been planning this shower since we were in college, and more seriously since she got married six years ago…





    • The baby’s nursery has a hot air balloon theme, so I wanted to hang one over one of the tables. After trial and error, my Honey helped me by modge-podging my fabric to a normal balloon, then using twine to wrap around it and tie it to a little basket.
    • For the front door, I copied something from one of my own baby showers by hanging a white, baby girl dress like a wreath, classy, vintage, simple, and sweet.
    • I loved the look of a paper doll clothes garland I had seen on Pinterest, so I just added old paper doilies as background and clothespinned them up to a strand of twine. (I printed the paper doll clothes from free online printables onto cardstock and cut them out carefully.)
    • For the entry table, I had a sort of sign-in activity, but I added a “clothesline” of more paper doll clothes, as well as a photo of the expectant couple.
    • I also displayed some maternity photos on the food table.




  • Since this was a baby GIRL shower, I wanted to have a girly craft, so I was inspired by a picture off Pinterest (sorry, not a working link, but I’ve included photo on right) to make Baby Girl some headbands and flower bows! I practiced making a few ahead of time and took step-by-step pictures, so I could use “picstitch” app to turn those photos into a how-to that I printed as 4 x 6 prints and clipped up on the craft table. p.s.I’ve also included my own little princess modeling a few creations. This was enjoyed by the younger crowd at the shower. They let loose their girly creativity!
  • My arrival activity, instead of a sign-in book, was a free printable I found that edited to make “Prayers for Baby.” Everyone loved taking the time to think through their answers, and my guest of honor laughed and “awwed” through their answers.
  • My one shower game was a Name that Celebrity Baby Photo – I made a powerpoint slideshow of baby photos I found online, and showed it on the television (computer hooked to tv) for all to try their best. It was pretty funny – some ladies thought Brad Pitt’s baby photo looked like John Candy, or at least someone who grew up to be unattractive, for sure. I found the photos through sites via google, here’s one example.


20130208-141530.jpg     20130208-141451.jpg



1. Punch was done by another guest, thankfully, but it was deliciously Pink! I also had a drink dispenser of water.

2. My cupcakes were Petite Flower/girly vintage – I used a strawberry cake mix box but added some extra ingredients to make it taste like the bakery, then I used store-bought strawberry shortcake icing, and dunked them upside down in a bowl of edible pink pearls; I topped them off with a flower sticker stuck on the end of a toothpick inserted through the middle. Easy and precious!

3. I set out a cutesy container of edible pearls (sixlets) that I found at the craft store, cake decor aisle, with an “eat me” sign.

4. I wanted some fruit, so I set out a bowl of mixed, seasonal fruit, and I baked up some “mini fruit pizza” that were really just sugar cookie bases, cool whip/cream cheese mixture, and fruit on top. Recipe link here and on pic below.

5. For something savory-ish and fancy, I made brie bites that were amazing, because how can you go wrong with pastry shell? These were so delicious that I ate most of the leftovers myself…this was a simple recipe, mostly cutting up pastry shell, which is easiest after you’ve stuck the thawed shell back in the freezer a few minutes so it’s not so doughy/sticky. I used cherry jam with the brie, and you just put a slice of brie with a dollop of jam between squares of pastry.

6. Convenient for making ahead of time, I made cranberry-feta pinweels that just had to be sliced on the day.

20130208-141700.jpg          20130208-141727.jpg         20130208-141712.jpg



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