Picnic in Rain or Shine


We found ourselves in a magic moment last weekend, one of those that you can’t quite predict. We had some time on Saturday morning to spend as a family, and I thought we were due for some sort of outdoor activity, so we planned on “hiking” a local, city nature trail built by the Kiwanis. The trail was in the old neighborhood where we had first started dating, which made it nostalgic for us, and it ended by an elementary school with a cool playground, perfect for Pen Elaine and a picnic.
While the forest-y trail protected us from the windy day blowing in some sort of cold front, we thoroughly enjoyed walking over rickety bridges, ponying out birds, reading signs with the names of the trees, and, Pen Elaine’s favorite, seeing the water in creeks and throwing rocks into them. When we got to the playground, though, the wind felt very cold, so after a few slides, we moved our picnic plans to the trunk of our van. It was perfect because our back seats were already folded down, giving us plenty of room, and our picnic blanket made for easy cleanup! Pen Elaine already loves playing in the car, so she was living the dream with food and her parents included! We had so much fun being together, and our happy time was relived, recounted, and remembered for the rest of the weekend.


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