Learning Empathy


Today we went to the farmer’s market to buy fruit…Pen Elaine started out in the back of the cart but eventually needed to ride up front where she couldn’t stand up or smush strawberries or try to find snacks in my purse. Sadly, I happened to park the cart right underneath a low beam of this old barn-like building, so when I lifted my little girl up to put her in the front seat, I hit her head quite hard on the wood beam. Neither of us saw it coming, and there were pitiful cries. Even an older woman near us heard her head hit the ceiling…not my proudest parenting moment, more like mortifying. Of course, I comforted and soothed and apologized, and she was fine, no permanent damage, but I felt so bad for accidentally hurting her.
After we finished our shopping and were leaving, what came to mind was another day of accidents. A few months ago, I was on the phone while Pen Elaine was playing at her “tea party table” in the next room. Suddenly, I notice a ripping sound coming from her direction and think she must have just gotten into some magazines or craft supplies in there, the dining room that more frequently serves as a craft room. However, I go in there to find her ripping wallpaper off the wall…wallpaper that I had specifically chosen and bought, due to my love for toile, even though wallpaper may not be cool right now, that my mom had put up for me…lets just say that I took deep breaths and prayed for kindness and remembering what really matters in life as I responded to the situation. After I put Pen Elaine down for her nap, I was able to do a patch job with some wallpaper glue, not quite right but not too noticeable. Later that day, she also managed to track paint into the car from a chair painting project I’d been working on, also easily cleaned since I found it right away, but you know.
So, I thought today, we both occasionally make mistakes that hurt the other, but we are both learning and growing together, how to live as mommy and daughter, how to handle the daily challenges, and how to love unconditionally, as Jesus taught us. It’s a messy journey with bumps and bruises, but I am learning grace. Recently, I also enjoyed simple home’s post about how they are learning grace, and I could definitely relate.


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  1. Oh we have had similar days!! And my little one will scream dramatically over the smallest bump. It’s mortifying, but I’ve learned to just tune out anyone around us and give her what she needs in that moment…me, just loving her without worrying about the people around us. Sounds like you did a good job of handling the wallpaper, I think I would have cried! 🙂

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