Blooming Shoes

Blooming Shoes


Pen Elaine had a foot growth spurt recently, so I took the opportunity to go little girl shoe shopping! This never happens because we have a ton of hand-me-downs, but I decided she just had to get some shoes in the right size. Well, I couldn’t resist some really cute red polka-dot ones, but then I also found these boy sneakers in the right size marked down on clearance…at first I turned them down but then thought, I could girly-bling these with some sort of fabric flower, thus the blooming shoes were born.

First, I tried a simple fabric scrap circle flower that I had done at the baby shower I hosted, but it didn’t look quite right to me, and I had previously thought that yellow would be really cute with the gray-colored shoes, so I started over (not something I usually do, but I’m working at taking more time on projects sometimes and going for quality over speed every so often…). Then, I recreated the ribbon rosettes I had made back for our wedding, for all the groomsmen to wear, and I decided the flounce and pop-out of this flower was just right.

IMG_5886with text

Here are the steps below, after which I sewed the rosette onto the shoe between a felt leaf shape and a button, so it was just like sewing on a button 🙂 The ribbon I used was 7/8″ wide.








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