{fast, cheap} DIY “pretty” Internet box Solution

{fast, cheap} DIY “pretty” Internet box Solution



My friend had thoughtfully emailed me this blog post many moons ago, but I think maybe I was overwhelmed with a newborn at the time, or something…because this was a super easy project and makes a world of difference! She had sent the idea to “re-style” your router because back in the day of Internet cords (pre-wireless!), we had been roommates, and in college house of five girls, we had wires going up and down walls, along floors and ceilings, to get Internet connections to each room of the house, including my closed-in garage addition room. Remember those days? Ugh! They were ugly and bothered my sensibilities, so I had made the desperate attempt to disguise them with fake vines…you can imagine their success at that, ha! Anyhow, this DIY is much more successful at hiding my router and cable Internet boxes! I love it! They even hide the flashing lights that I used to try hiding with strangely placed picture frames and fake, potted plants.
We finally got around to doing it through our “love deeds jar,” for lack of a name…I had heard his idea was on Lysa Terkeurst’s blog, although I couldn’t find the actual site. For each person, my Honey and me in our case, you have a jar. Each person then writes down five things the other person could do to make them feel loved, and you each draw one of the other’s slips each week, giving yourselves that week to do the written act of love. So, one of my requested acts of love was to so a Pinterest project with me, from off one of my boards.
This project was perfect for us:
1.we went to a resale shop and bought two books that looked thick enough to house our Internet boxes ($2)
2. We used utility knives to cut out all the pages
Seriously, that’s it!


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