DIY crochet trim to make tshirt less fitted

DIY crochet trim to make tshirt less fitted

A tutorial from Trash to Couture and lovely work by my friend at porch swing sewing inspired me to put my own hand to some sewing this past week. So, I finally tried this quick project to make an old fitted shirt less fitted and more vintage-y with some bits of crochet trim that I had picked up at an estate sale a while back. I tried to follow her pictures as well as possible with a few alterations:

1. (top left and center photos): I laid out the shirt and pinned up each side, about an inch from the seam, just to keep my front & back straight while I cut straight up the side seams, from bottom to sleeve. Then, I pinned my crochet trim to each edge (frong & back), on both sides…I discovered I only had enough of my two trims to do half and half, so I actually used one type of trim for the front and one type of trim for the back, otherwise I would have just used two long pieces of trim, one for left and one for right

1B. To pin on the crochet trim, I folded each side of the shirt over just about 1/4 of an inch, to discourage any fraying and make the crochet sewn on more stable…also, I left the cap sleeves on my shirt, but I did fold the bottom of the sleeve over a bit when pinning on the crochet to make for a straighter line of the trim

2. I used a tight zig-zag stitch for attaching the trim, and I started from the bottom of the shirt when sewing, so that when I reached the shoulder where I had to start a new piece of trim, I could more smoothly do a little overlap

2B. When I was doing the final sewing on of the trim, I first took out the pins I used earlier to keep the seams straight, so I could separate the front and back of the shirt and lay it out straight for sewing smoothly over the shoulder

3. I tried on the shirt to eye where I wanted the arm hole to start, and put a single pin on each side to mark where to stop sewing up the new side seams

4. Sew up new side seams, from bottom to top, with the back and front trim laid flat against each other, just as seen in photo (bottom right) – I sewed up the crochet trim just short of the edge of it


The shirt that I used was very fitted/clingy, so I think I would have liked the end result even better if I had started with more of a tshirt-fit, and one that was a bit longer, but this one works good with pants or shorts, and I think it could be really cute with skirts…



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