March Window Art: Easter

March Window Art: Easter

I have finally gotten around to erasing my February window quote to paint one for this month: Easter!
I searched on Pinterest for lettering and Bible verse inspiration. I liked the look of varying fonts from last month’s painting, so I knew I wanted to go for that look again. Then, I found a chalkboard flower to literally trace (right off my kindle!) from Lily pad cottage.

I am currently in a Bible study group that focuses on the Biblical, historical events leading up to Easter and how to keep the celebration true to the reason for the holiday: Jesus’s death on the cross for our sins and His resurrection from the dead! Recently, another toddler mom asked me about whether we do any Bible or spiritual stuff with our daughter, who is almost 2, 20 months to be exact…which got me thinking/evaluating what we do in this area and at what age is it appropriate to have diligent spiritual teaching, in the same way I try to teach her animals and colors and how to enjoy reading a book together. So, here’s a list of simple ways we try to remember Jesus throughout a toddler’s day:
1. Pray before meals. Pen Elaine sees us close our eyes and bow our heads each time we sit to eat, and sometimes she participates…and sometimes she randomly says “amen…” from her chair in an attempt to hurry us to the table to eat…
2. Read a variety of Bible story books. Reading about the Bible should be a treat! Pen Elaine especially loves ones that include animals, so she has never met a Noah’s Ark book she didn’t like! I like that she knows the name of Jesus.
3. Have daily Bible reading. Of course, a 1.5-year-old may be too young for morning “devotions,” but she loves our most recent habit of reading the Bible at breakfast, just a few verses out loud. She even requests “Bible” when sitting at the table, and gets to hear us repeat Scripture and books of the Bible out loud each day. She will even say she is “all done” and insinuate that means it’s Bible time. She often says “Noah” during the Bible reading…he has clearly made an impression!
4. Sing songs about the Bible. Get ideas for this on YouTube so you can copy motions too (or just make up your own)!
5. Talk about all the things God has made, such as plants, people, animals, rainbows…


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