Toddler on a Plane

Toddler on a Plane

I got behind on blog posts because we flew on a spring break trip with family, and planning ahead for posts just didn’t make the cut during travel preparations…my best friend since middle school had a baby the day before we left town, and Pen Elaine and I got to be there!
To prepare for plane travel, my Honey and I remembered all of Sunflower’s toddler plane tips, and we actually wrapped some forgotten toys, stickers, animal crackers, and a lift-the-flap book. I also rented a curious George movie on my kindle, and we bought a lollipop, per recommendation by a friend, to keep her occupied and sucking during liftoff, in case her ears hurt from pressure. She actually still loves a pacifier, which has always kept her happy during the up and down, so unless you have a neat eater-type who doesn’t like getting her hands dirty, then I don’t actually recommend the lollipop…Pen Elaine just seemed sticky all over, to the point where I didn’t want any other distractions out where she could touch them while eating her lollipop…plus she grabbed it hard once and knocked off part of it down between the seats…yuck…and kinda funny for whoever found that piece we couldn’t reach.

She loved some curious George, and some random free game apps on the kindle, stickers, and whenever things got a little too squirmy or desperate, she loved opening a present! One of the things i wrapped was a diaper-case felt board i has made, filled with felt shapes like birds, tree branches, circles, and stars. This would be a great sorting activity for a kid learning shapes or colors. On the trip back, she loved a little pack of mini Hello Kitty coloring book, crayons , and sticker, stickers, stickers! Plus, on the trip home, we had plenty of photos of her and her cousin, aunts, uncle, grandparents to look through a bit, too!



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