Date night: craft time

Date night: craft time

There’s something magical about working on a project together as a team, even a small one, that brings people together. I love projects with my Honey, especially ones where he can do some manly tool thing and I end up with a useful and pretty item for the wall! My daughter, via my Honey, bought me a metal plate/dish with a picture of the blue boy painting on it for valentines day, which I absolutely loved since I have a Blue Boy art collection. However, I also have a clock collection as well as a clock kit from a craft store that I was given as a gift many moons ago, just waiting for the perfect item to turn into a clock, and now I have it! So, for a “just us” activity after Pen Elaine was in bed, my Honey drilled the hole right in the center of the plate, sized according to clock kit directions. Then, we put together the clock with me handing him the pieces in the correct order, via the diagram on the clock kit package. It was easy, fun, and just the right amount of time for an evening project, including hanging it up on the living room wall. I love it, and it’s a reminder of my Honey’s love.



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