Mommy & Me class: Music & a super-easy, upcycled guitar


This week our theme is MUSIC because starting at birth, we all respond to music in a unique way. It can lift our spirits and get us going; music can increase our capacity to remember, and with kids, they tend to engage in an activity or situation more productively when there is music involved. Music also gets toddlers dancing, and physical movement helps stimulate brain activity. Babies and toddlers love music and dancing and “singing.” Kindermusik is just one example of structured classes all over the world, pairing music with parents and children so that they can connect, learn, play, and enjoy each others’ company. Music is a sort of kid magic.


This is the super-easiest idea for making your own guitar that I found from The activity mom. All you do is cut slits, approx 1-2 inches thick, on either side of a paper plate. We cut 3 to 5 on each side, lining them up by sight. Then, we slid rubber bands around the plate and secured them in two corresponding slits. Optional: then, I stapled a paper towel roll to the back to be the neck of the guitar. I thought it was pretty cool! My almost-2-year-old thought it looked really cool, too. She liked investigating it more than playing, but that’s okay!



Sandra Boynton has all kinds of books that lend themselves to singing, in fact some of them actually have a specific tune on her cd’s, such as Snuggle Puppy. However, you can make up your own tune however you want, which is very fun when reading Barnyard Dance!





This week, I recommend to make up your own songs! In America, and we discovered Japan too, kids learn the “cleanup song” which just is a short melody that says for everybody to clean-up. Kids respond to singing so well, that it is a cross-cultural phenomenon šŸ™‚ Now, sing when you take baths, fix lunch, change diapers, get dressed, wherever your heart leads.


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