Brunch Menu

Brunch Menu

I love brunch-ing! Easter always makes me want brunch, but anytime there’s a big meal planned, I think brunch around 10 followed by an early supper works great with just some munching between the two.
For this brunch, I liked the feel of mixing laid-back casual with pretty & elegant, so I had a spring cheesecloth-type tablecloth paired with old “china,” cloth napkins, and goblets for our orange juice & ginger ale “spritzers.” We also had coffee, tea, and water options. This menu served six easily, but all could be very easily doubled (if tripled, you would need more than one oven)!

1. (3) Sliced Apples and a double batch ofCreamy Peanut butter dip (with Greek yogurt)

2. {Easy} Baked French toast

3. Mini quiche, made in muffin tins and cooked 25 minutes in same oven with French toast ( I had some chopped broccoli, deli smoked ham, a bit of pesto, and a variety of shredded cheese I threw in)


Since this was an holiday brunch, I had little baskets at each place setting with a piece of folded paper inside. The paper had an Easter-related Scripture verse on one side and a question on the other for that person (and anyone else) to answer. The questions were:
1. What is an Easter time activity you enjoy?
2. What is a funny memory from egg hunts?
3. Have you ever had any run-ins with the Easter bunny?
4. Can you share an Easter memory?
5. What is a favorite item you’ve received in an Easter basket?
6. Do you have a favorite Easter tradition?

These could mostly be altered to fit other holidays; instead of egg hunts, though, think Christmas lights or holiday parade or opening presents or visiting relatives, etc. Birthday brunches would also be super fun and another great time for questions and memory lane, at least my family seems to think so: we get everyone around the table to share a memory they have about the birthday king or queen! (My mom says the memories have to be nice ones, though!)


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