DIY Apron Car Organizer


I have been wanting to cute-ify the chaos of car toys into some sort of fabric pocket for a while, and when I saw how someone used an apron as the base, I knew I could do it quickly! However, it still took me a while to get myself in gear. The apron idea was perfect though, because I have many more aprons than ever get used. I don’t know if it’s just a go-to gift or if i’ve been unable to resist cute ones I see for resale or what, but I chose my apron for this project based on size: wider has more room for toy pockets, and sentiment: I used one that a friend actually made, so seeing it in the car all the time will bring her to mind much more often than having it sit in a cabinet waiting to be used.
For my pockets, I used fabric scraps I had on hand. I used a white piece on top, but if you have a seat kicking toddler, like me, keep in mind that shoes will be touching that top fabric pocket all the time… I also recommend at least one pocket big and sturdy enough for books! I even attached a bit of elastic cord (important that it is “cord” and not just thread or band) to be used as button loop for a button sewn onto apron above that pocket.
When finished, I tried a few ways of tying onto seat, and I found I liked how it worked to tie to handle and armrests instead of around the actual seat; it probably depends on the age of your child using it.
My step by step photos are below, as well as link to pinterest find.





Inspired by Pinterest find
I was so pleased with the result and so happy to have a car floor free of clutter that I was inspired to vacuum the car!


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