Earring Display from Estate Sale

Earring Display from Estate Sale


I nabbed this piece of cabinet door or something from an estate sale because I thought it would make the perfect jewelry display! I never wear earrings anymore, since having a kid, but also because they’re hidden away in drawers. So I finally painted this piece, front and back, and I remembered to use spray primer on he front, before spray painting the whole thing in “almond.” I actually used two different brands because that’s what I had in the garage. This was my project while my Honey built himself a workbench. It was a very crafty weekend, at least during nap times. After painting and letting each side dry, I lightly sanded with a 60 for some rough edges and corners, then with a 320 for a nice smooth surface all over. We mounted a claw mounter on the back for hanging. To cover my hole, even though it just added to the “vintage” feel, I simply clipped on a flower hair piece.
When I hung it inside, I later went trough all my earrings: I got rid of 20 pairs with around 40 left…now maybe ill actually give them some use!




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