Mother’s Day Card: Hand-picked flowers

Mother’s Day Card: Hand-picked flowers

20130430-155128.jpg We made one of these for a previous project, but I knew then that I wanted to make more to send out for Mother’s Day – to all the grandmas! These are so cute and easy. I am definitely keeping one for myself 🙂 If you want more detailed instructions, just visit this link to the previous post.

We picked this project back up because we were painting for a different project when Pen Elaine decided she really wanted to make a hand-print, so I seized the opportunity by quickly drawing some stems on a few pieces of cardstock.



20130430-155216.jpgAfter the handprints dried, I gave Pen Elaine time with crayons for any coloring she wanted to add and used some leftover flower stickers for her to add as she chose. I did go back afterwards and stick a few more on the ends of the stems.


I did put two handprints per page of cardstock so that I could later cut them in half to make two cards. Then I added a mother’s day 2013 greeting below the “bouquet” and wrote a short not on front of folded card.




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