In Wonder of Imagination and Pretend

In Wonder of Imagination and Pretend


This past week, one of my most exciting moments as a parent occurred! Pen Elaine was drawing with chalk when she told me she was drawing “daddy,” then “mommy,” then “Poppy” (which is what she calls herself). I was so thrilled that,
1, she spontaneously labeled what she was coloring, which is a big leap from barely scribbling just months ago, it seems, and
2, she drew our family! Her little person of creativity and imagination decided to draw our family, purposefully and with vigor.
For the first time that I am aware, there was clear and planned meaning to her artistic endeavors! My little girl, not yet but very close to two, drew her daddy, myself, and a self portrait…of course, I immediately took a picture to document her budding genius.
She has been showing clear development in imagination and pretending over the past few weeks, and it is just so dang exciting; I can’t help it! She has also been recently turning her string cheese into a mommy and child during lunch/dinner; the two pieces of cheese start talking to each other in squeaky little voices about finding each other or hugging or whatever. The mommy is always a big chunk while the baby is just a sliver of peeled-off cheese; it is quite entertaining until they get eaten by Pen Elaine. I wrote about the value of pretend play on a previous post.
The day after the big family drawing excitement, Pen Elaine drew Daddy on the driveway with chalk, so that, of course, is photographed below- enjoy šŸ™‚



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