{Easy} Coffee Filter Flower Garland

{Easy} Coffee Filter Flower Garland

diy coffee filter garland @Whimsyinlove

So, I’m gearing up for Pen Elaine’s number 2 birthday, and I had been wanting to try out the coffee filter poms for a while – I went with the tutorial from Juneberry Lane, and it was super easy!! If you can’t follow my steps, head over there because she got great pics for each task.

I’m going with a “You are my sunshine on a cloudy day” theme, so my pom garland is going to be like clouds, sort of 🙂


All you need is

coffee filters (10 per pom, so I used 70 total),

a spray bottle with water inside,

a clothes dryer,



and something to use as your string if you’re making a garland (I used twine).


Step 1: After separating out coffee filters, lay them out on a towel and spray each one (approximately 3 or 4 times) until damp but soaking is unnecessary.

Step 2: Throw them all in the dryer to let them dry and “crunch” – mine took 6 minutes. Don’t forget about them in there!

20130523-150729.jpg     20130523-150737.jpg


Step 3: Staple stacks of 10 filters together with TWO staples each – about 1-1.5 inches apart, then cut a slit between the two staples – as you can see, I folded them in half to do this, with each staple on top of the other. This is for stringing through your twine/ribbon for garland.









Step 4: Now for spacing the poms on your garland: I started by tying a double knot in the center of my measured twine (I made mine approx. 10 ft, 2ish full arm lengths, fingertip to fingertip) just to give me bearings to space the same number of poms on either side. I then tied a double knot toward one end where I wanted my first pom to sit.


Thread your twine through slit in pom until it hits your double knot, then secure in place with a second double knot on the opposite side of the pom.


Once I had threaded two poms on the twine, to evenly space mine, I would lay out the pom discs and stretch the twine across to tie my next placement knot where it reached the previous knot…if that makes sense!


Step 5: Now you get to puff your poms! Start on one side and scrunch the outermost filter into a ball, then scrunch the second, and so on until half of them are scrunched. Then, flip over and do the same scrunching for the opposite five. Finally, un-scrunch and fluff as desired; you can just work with them until you like the result.




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