Pen Elaine’s Most Favorite Book…this week


Time has gotten away from me between family reunions, birthdays, Father’s Day, and a getaway with my Honey. I’m gonna try catching up this next week or two!
We have been enjoying a batch of library books, including this useful one that gets requested as the “airplane one” about a little boy’s First Flight by David McPhail.
This goes through every step of driving at the airport to security checks to turbulence on the plane. My little one is already a frequent flyer, but I think this helps build words for expressing what is going on during a travel day for her. Plus, the illustrations are super fun since his teddy bear runs life-size and rises the plane with him. Imagine a big bear squeezing into an airplane seat…


Reading is a favorite pastime, and now that Pen Elaine is on the brink of 2, we can see all the things she is learning from books. Already, her vocabulary is expanded by reading books. She recently impressed a group of friends with the word “boa constrictor” that I know didn’t come up in typical conversation; she learned it from Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you hear? by Martin/Carle.
She also surprised us by telling us a certain movie was her favorite…I think that came from Fancy Nancy’s favorite color being lavender and Little Chick’s favorite breakfast being dried corn. Reading expands language, knowledge, experience, and possibilities for imagination. Pen Elaine can also recite favorite books, fill in words, and even “read” some to herself. So, I think reading also encourages memory development. Besides, reading means crawling into my lap, and I can’t get enough of that sweetness!




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