$5 Coffee Sack: burlap pillows



20130523-134934.jpgSo, one afternoon, it was kid naptime, and I decided that I just had to have new pillow shams on our bed…immediately. The only fabric I had lying around that I thought would do and go quickly, was a burlap coffee sack I had bought for $5 from the local coffee shop (not the same but similar to the one pictured), knowing I’d need it on some rainy day. (Or just use it underneath my nativity set at Christmastime) So, I pulled it out and tried stuffing a normal, bed pillow inside to test the fit/size. Turns out, two pillows can fit into a coffee sack, horizontally laid with the top half of the bag taking up one pillow and the bottom half of the (vertically lying) bag taking up the second pillow. So, I got to work and tried to use the already existing seams of the coffee bag as much as possible.


For the first pillow sham, I simply cut the bag in half and used the top half (with two already sewn-up sides and one side that was already a fold) to stuff the pillow inside and sew up the bottom by hand – as seen in photo here. I did this as a time-saver, not because it is necessarily the best choice, since I’ll have to rip a seam to change out this pillow sham…

20130523-134944.jpgFor the second pillow sham, I got a little more creative and wanted to make this sham more easily removable without sacrificing too much time (I knew I only had about 2 hours of nap to use). So on this one, I wrapped the material (inside out) around the pillow’s long sides until they overlapped about 2 inches, then pinned the top and bottom seams to sew. I sewed a small hem on the overlaps, then sewed up the long sides’ seams. Now it is looking similar to a typical pillow sham, but the overlap is not enough to actually stay closed with the pressure of a pillow inside, so I sewed on two buttons and threaded in a loop of twine to be the closures (see photo). I liked the look – but I would recommend three buttoms, maybe and putting your overlap a little closer in toward the middle of the pillow than I did.


I also made a few pillow covers for couch pillows using a coffee sack and just used a Pinterest tutorial (For Lauren & Lauren) as guidance.


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