Dance Party



So, if you can’t tell from the photo, Pen Elaine was having the time of her life. It had been too long since our last dance party, and I had forgotten what a great activity this is for filling some time, especially that twilight time right before my Honey gets home when I’m too tired to come up with anything to do if I haven’t made a plan…Plus, music is the language of the heart…or something like that, but, really, music brings out creativity in small children and brings out the light in their hearts in a special way. They know what to do, and that’s a magic moment for a toddler. Plus, it gets them moving, which builds physical skills and grace by encouraging them to move to a rhythm and move all sorts of body parts, especially when stretching in new ways is involved. For even more skill-building, pulling out some sort of maracas or drums or whistles, etc. can encourage not only musical skills but the rhythm of language and harmony of sounds. (Ask Kindermusik if you don’t believe me 🙂

We pulled out her new little ribbon dancer wristlets, put on an old hand-me-down toddler cd of classic favorites, and had a dance party. She got these ribbon dancers from her Grandma and Papa for her birthday, and they are perfect for this age! About 6 months ago, I made a Homemade ribbon dancer that I wrote up a tutorial for, but she wasn’t as into it at 1 and 1/2 as she is now…who knows. Anyway, the new ribbon dancers inspired our dance party, and I had forgotten how funny it can be to see your mommy dance and do lots of twirls and stretches yourself, at 2-years-old. If you’re tired of an old cd, I enjoy Pandora’s “family folk songs” radio, and “toddler radio” is always a hit. We are looking forward to getting a copy of Seeds family music and giving it a try because I’ve heard good things – it teaches Scripture through their songs aimed at young kids.


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