Summertime Cake Balls



20130619-143741.jpgCake balls have a special place in my heart. My sister and I went through a phase, right around the time my niece was born, when we were making cake balls every week…at least. Plus, we would make these huge batches that lasted a while, even sharing them with our whole extended family. It got started from two directions: they were served at one of her baby showers, and they got brought up to the Infant Research Lab where I worked, at the time, by one of the girls that worked there. She introduced me to the ease of making both vanilla and double chocolate cake balls, and thus, we were all hooked…until we burned ourselves out and had to take a break for a while, but not forever!

So when celebrating my sister’s recent birthday and Pen Elaine’s recent birthday, I decided on special cake balls – made to look like Sunflowers and sunshine! I was inspired by a photo on pretty my party where they had done a slightly different version of sunflower cake balls.



1 box cake mix

1 can of icing (or homemade equivalent)

1 package of vanilla coating/almond bark OR 1/2 bag of chocolate chips

food coloring (optional for turning the white dip yellow)

skinny popsicle sticks & yellow construction paper

20130619-143634.jpgFirst, bake the cake according to package. After cooled, just grab it out of pan and mix in a bowl with the icing. Now, spoon out scoops of cake/icing mix onto wax paper-covered cookie tray – however big you want your balls to end up. Then, place in freezer for at least a few hours (this makes dipping them a million times easier, so I usually leave overnight). Now, when ready for dipping, melt your chocolate (for sunflowers) or vanilla coating (mixed with yellow food coloring for sunshine). Using spoons, dip each cake ball into coating and place back onto a wax paper-covered cookie sheet. If you are going to stick in the sticks for display, now is a good time – right after they’ve  been dipped and before they’ve completely hardened. These will go back into the freezer to harden and then will be ready to enjoy…unless you want to turn them into flowers or sunshine. For that part, I pulled one out of the freezer and traced my flower (rounder petal points)/sun (pointy stars) shape around it to get the right size; then I tested it out by cutting a small slit in the middle of the flower. If it looks right, use that one as a stencil. So cute!

Below are pictures of other ones that I made pink and put on some sprinkles before the coating had hardened – great for a baby shower or girl birthday.




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