Pen Elaine’s most favorite book…this week

Pen Elaine’s most favorite book…this week

One of our favorites for a while now has been Little Chick’s Breakfast by Mary DeBall Kwitz, a gift from her grandma and pa-pa, along with a stuffed animal chick names Clucky, passed down with love from Pen Elaine’s aunt 😊 I think she could recite the whole book by heart at this point…I know I could. This is a fun way to talk about breakfast for lots of different animals and people, what happens on a farm, and even about when is an appropriate time to get up for the day…a common source of thought for parents and toddlers! There is also a chance for counting and color naming and plenty of animal sounds. This book feels nostalgic, like a classic, and has won the heart of my 2-year-old!

Pen Elaine is always saying things or people are her favorite!…I think that came from Fancy Nancy’s favorite color being lavender and Little Chick’s favorite breakfast being dried corn. Reading expands language, knowledge, experience, and possibilities for imagination. Pen Elaine can also recite favorite books, fill in words, and even “read” some to herself. So, I think reading also encourages memory development. Besides, reading means crawling into my lap, and I can’t get enough of that sweetness!

Reading together is an opportunity for joint attention or mutual gaze, in which we are both attending to the same point of interest at the same time. Research has shown that infants and young children actually have better memory for objects they’ve seen during joint attention, better learning, and higher brain activation (example article by Reid & Striano) than when attending to the same object independently.




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