DIY balloon curtains



We got a new French door in the kitchen to replace old, foggy, sliding glass doors that made the space see smaller and darker than it had to be…so now, with the new light and look, I decided that we absolutely needed new curtains ASAP. Well, in my head, I saw puffy, tie-up curtains…which I discovered are called balloon curtains.


I didn’t know if I wanted to spend the time/money to make my own (plus, I didn’t know how to make that kind…), but I couldn’t find any in local stores that I thought might carry them, until I found one option at Target…but when I got them up, they were too delicate and lace-y for the kitchen space…but once I had seen how they’re done, I decided I could totally make my own balloon curtains, and thus, would be able to choose whatever fabric I wanted!


20130716-212914.jpg Here’s the fabric I chose – I wanted kind of traditional fabric with neutrals and/or navy blues – this is a 45″ cotton. 20130716-212922.jpg I used 2 yards for each curtain, so I had bought 4 yards total (from hobby lobby). 20130716-212930.jpg 1. I pinned and hemmed along each edge, and made a curtain loop along the top edge approx. 2 inches wide (plenty wide for my curtain rod). As I pinned the side hems, I also pinned in loops of ribbon, starting 6″ from top edge (of already folded down curtain slip), then every 7″ until reaching the bottom. I ended up with 9 loops on each side. These loops are for tying up the curtain to make the balloon puffs. Each loop was about 1.5″ long. 20130716-212938.jpg


20130716-212959.jpg 20130716-213019.jpg

2. Next, I folded the fabric piece in half and half back to use a straight line for pinning on two more vertical lines of ribbon loops. Now, as seen in picture, I ended up with four vertical lines of 9 loops (36 loops total), spaced 7″ apart.

3. Now, I used some metal loops/keyrings I had on hand, to string on the 9 loops from one column, starting with the bottom loop and working my way up until all 9 were on the ring.

20130716-213010.jpg 20130716-213033.jpg

4. I repeated that step of looping for each column, until I had something like this (except this photo shows the bottom loops un-included, but I ended up putting them on the rings too).

5. Put on curtain rod. Do some poofing and spacing how you want it to look, and voila!











I love how they turned out – so fancy! My Honey thinks they look British…maybe I was channeling some Jane Austen movie. The fabric also makes them look kind of colonial or something – I’m pretty proud of myself…


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