positive pregnancy testNew life is a wondrous event. It’s magical and monumental and life-changing, and the fact that you can discover when it’s occurred by tinkling on a plastic stick feels kind of unreal…

Can anyone really trust just one? That’s why in movies, they always show at least 5 positive pregnancy tests because it really feels like, really? Can I trust this plastic thing I bought for 5 bucks at the grocery store? Plus, since I had been monitoring/using fertility awareness, I took the test and got positive results just like 2 weeks after conception…that seems too early to get the good news! The new thing in my neck of the woods is to picture text the positive pregnancy test, and I think part of the reason is to have time-sensitive proof that some sort of visible affirmation of conception was evident, or maybe that’s just the scientific researcher in me.

After seeing my positive proof, I planned my big reveal to my Honey, because even though this pregnancy was planned and eagerly anticipated, it was early enough that he wouldn’t be suspecting the news yet. So, that night, after dinner, I pulled out some bubble gum cigars I had previously found and helped him get the message 🙂 Then, later I started my mini pregnancy journal, with a letter to my baby about the big day of finding out he or she had arrived on the scene. Of course, the next big fun part is going to the first doctor appointment and seeing the baby on the big screen and hearing their energetically rapid heartbeat. For me, that’s when it feels the most real, seeing that little baby wiggle around or just the flicker of the heartbeat. At 8.5 weeks, when the baby is just the size of a raspberry, we could already see little arms and leg buds, in addition to the head, body, and rhythmic heart.

Everything feels so different with the second one, but it was so much fun to bring big sis, Pen Elaine, to the appointment, because she was just as excited as us to see pictures of the new baby. Of course, she also was excited to try on the gown I had to wear and explore every inch of the small office.



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