Easy DIY Dress Extension



When I do laundry, I’m fast and efficient and try to fit as much as I can per load, and I am always forgetting to pull something out of the washer that shouldn’t go into the dryer. So, I frequently wind up with dresses that were just the right length when I bought them, but after the first washing, I let them shrink up to just a bit too short for my modest, Mommy wear…so I wear them with jeggings. However, I had bought this cute, easy-to-wear dress that I did not want to sequester to the “with jeggings” category, so I took control of the situation with a quick, naptime fix.

I had found a treasure trove of vintage-looking trims and ribbons and such at an antique store a while back, and so I pulled out this scalloped, white trim (that I had thought I’d probably use for a sewing project that Pen Elaine would wear) that was maybe 3 inches wide and just perfect for adding a touch of length to my dress. I laid the dress flat on the floor with the hem spread out, so I could measure out the amount of trim I would need to go the full length around the bottom, plus around 4 inches extra to make sure I didn’t run out while sewing. I then pinned the trim, folded over twice at the top for a trim hem, starting at the side seam of the dress so that the side seam of the trim would match, to the inside of the bottom hem of the dress, making sure that the right side out matched the right side out of the dress. Then, I sewed it all the way around, stopping and starting about an inch away from the side seam, so that I could hem the trim overlap where the two cut ends of the trim met for a side seam. It turned out super cute with a touch of personal style and gave the dress back its gift of easy wear and cute length.


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