Throwback: Skate Date




So, this has been one of our most fun nights out! We ate fast food, then we drove to the closest skating rink in a small town about 40 minutes away. It was like going back in time because back in our teen days, roller skating rinks were the hangout for middle and high school kids who were too young to drive…well, they still are that hangout! So, we were pretty wobbly on our feet at first and looked really ridiculous in the midst of a bunch of adolescents (and a few little kids) with super skills, but before too long, we were rockin’ the skates to some good ole 90’s pop music that was mixed in with the more current top 40. We rounded the small skating loop over and over, holding hands, and took breaks to watch the skate rink games that included jumping over the limbo pole (to the sound track of “jumping songs” such as “Jump Around” by House of Pain and “Jump” by Van Halen) and Limbo, both really entertaining. We reminisced about the old days and felt ooey-gooey in love while we held hands. Plus, we had sweet talk-time during the car rides.


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