How God prepares the pregnant woman for life after baby is born…


The second pregnancy is different for a lot of reasons, such as the fact that I’m sharing this one with a really cute 2-year-old, but also, this time around has been a lot less emotional and a lot fewer symptoms. I don’t know if the human body is just a bit more practiced at handling the raging hormones, or if the hormones aren’t as crazy because they’ve been through these motions before…or maybe it has to do with a fellow mom’s theory – that the crazy emotions happens more when pregnant with a little girl than with a little boy and the subsequent testosterone that is swirling around in there…we’ll find out this month! Anyhow, I wrote a blog post during my first pregnancy about all the weird symptoms, so I’m pasting that below. (As well as an etsy photo)

Funny Pregnancy Necklace Glass Picture Pendant Photo Pendant. $14.00, via Etsy.

In the midst of all kinds of weird symptoms common during pregnancy, I have been trying to look for purpose and what God is trying to teach me through the various, odd-ball challenges. What I especially love about pregnancy symptoms is that, more often than not, their is no explanation for what causes them. So, if you ask the doctor or look it up in your pregnancy how-to book, they will tell you that your symptom of, say, the line down your tummy or the weird feelings on your skin or forgetfulness, is common and not to worry, even though they have no idea why pregnany women experience it. Two common effects of pregnancy have struck me as perhapsa funny way of preparation for caring for a newborn baby.
First, my sleep pattern has never been worse – I don’t know how people with other children, especially small ones, survive on the amount of sleep you get during the last part of pregnancy. To start, I’m waking up every few hours to use the bathroom – I actually get really excited when I’ve only used the restroom once or twice in a night. 🙂 It doesn’t seem to matter what I do to prepare before lying down for the night, when you gotta go, you gotta go (this could actually be a third side effect of pregnancy, in and of itself, to give me more sympathy when changing my newborn’s diaper and then she immediately wets it again…). Then, I get woken up occasionally by a little baby kicking my tummy…really hard. It usually only affects me when I’ve woken up to use the bathroom, then can’t get back to sleep because my little friend has gotten riled up and needs to show off her acrobatics for 30 to 45 minutes before calming back down. She especially surprises and startles me when I’m in that halfway awake/asleep phase and she suddenly gives me a big love-kick. Finally, if those sleep-inhibitors aren’t enough, insomnia is a common pregnancy symptom. So, if I wake up two hours before the alarm is going to go off, my body has decided that it doesn’t want to go back to sleep, so I lie awake and think about baby things until it’s finally time to get up for the day. Well, the good news is, learning how to deal with lack of sleep will be old hat after the baby actually gets born, and instead of just waking up to tinkle, I’m waking up to change a teeny weeny diaper and feed a cute little (crying) baby. This is training time…yay pregnancy 🙂
The second big preparation symptom, not as obvious, is the raging emotions as a result of the raging hormones. I have probably cried more in the past 7 months than in the 27 years preceding pregnancy. My poor, sweet husband has mastered the art of holding me close and checking whether I’m crying because I’m actually upset about something or because I’m tired or because…who knows, I just got the irresistible urge like I needed to cry. Well, who else cries inexplicably on a frequent basis…newborn babies! So, perhaps my empathy for little baby cries is being built up to better care for our fragile newborn. I’ll remember back to my water faucet eyes and really feel for my little crying baby and more sensitive to helping calm her. I’m glad God is getting us ready for that, you know. <sigh> I can’t wait to meet our little girl face-to-face, tears and sleepless nights and all.


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