Little Girl Closet Makeover



Pen Elaine has been growing into a little girl. We’ve been switching to a big girl bed, saying goodbye to binkies, learning to help in the kitchen (sort-of), and talking up a storm. So, especially with her crib gone, I’ve been inspired to give her room a mini-makeover. One thing on my list has been to beautify her closet because we have it set up as her pretend kitchen play area. Plus, there used to be all these little installed, plastic shelves that looked like part of a closet organization kit, which we took out, but it left a bunch of lines drawn on the wall and about a million little holes…very not cute. So, I had found a roll of wallpaper for a dollar at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore-which, if you’ve never been to one, you should google and visit ASAP! With wallpaper paste bought from a home improvement store, I attempted my first wallpaper hanging ever. I have seen my mom do it masterfully many times, and I was only doing the back of the closet, so I had high hopes.
I measured out the height of the wall and laid out my wallpaper on a hard floor to measure, cut, and pair on some wallpaper glue- just on the top 3 feet, approximately, to get myself started since I had to carry the long piece of wallpaper to the closet and stand on a step-stool to place it. The hardest part was getting the middle sheet started straight so that everything laid flat on the wall and still lined up with the other sheets. I went back over my two seams (the closet requires 3 long vertical strips of wallpaper) with extra glue and smoothing to make them lay flat. Once all was up, I used an exacto knife/ utility knife to trim off extra wallpaper along bottom edge by baseboard and on sides where I had a bit of overlap in corner. Then, the closet looked beautiful and perfect for a little girl to play.




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