Date Night: Inspired Paintings



Here’s a recent “night in” date idea that started when my Honey was a single guy – finding out this was a favorite group activity of his helped me identify him as my soul mate, ha!

Materials: fun movie to enjoy together, (craft/acrylic) paint & paintbrushes, construction paper or canvases for two

We got out our paint supplies, laid on top of an old beach towel in the living room in order to protect the carpet. Then, we put in our pre-determined movie – for us, we watched Penelope because we had our first kiss after making inspired paintings to this movie when we started dating. We didn’t have any canvases around, so I used construction paper and my Honey used an unpainted, wooden star that I’d been saving for some day. We individually created whatever type of art we felt like, based on however the movie “inspired” us.

Whenever we do this activity together, my Honey always uses primary colors, and I always end up with swirly patterns somewhere…have fun and get creative!


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