Halfway there: 20 weeks of pregnancy


Today, I’ve officially reached the halfway point in my pregnancy: 20 weeks down, 20 to go (although if you know about the whole 40 week/9 month shenanigans that actually begins approximately 2 weeks before conception, you know that I’m actually a week away from the true halfway point of the more accurately measured 38 weeks of pregnancy…).

This is a magical time. 🙂 In the last week, we’ve gotten to see a detailed ultrasound of our baby, learn the gender and thus begin planning the baby room, start feeling movements on a daily basis, look obviously pregnant, and feel the momentum of the second half begin.

At the beginning of this special journey, I had high hopes for documenting every sweet moment and staying super healthy with minimal weight gain. After all, I’ve been around this block once before and have learned from my history.

First of all, last time we made a point to take one maternity photo a month, to document my belly growth. Since then, I’ve seen so many friends or pinterest pictures of how people will take a photo a week, all in the same pose and outfit, and then replicate that after the baby is born by holding him in the exact place where the belly/bump used to be. So this time around, I chose an outfit at the beginning and a location, so that each photo could be the same, week by week, until baby arrived. Well, now at week 20, we’ve completed 2 “weekly” photos, so I’m about on par, if not less documented, than my first baby.

Second, last time around I gained about 45 pounds, and those extra 15 over the recommended amount stayed on a lot longer than I would have liked. So this time, I want to cut it off at 30, which is going to be especially difficult toward the end of my pregnancy, since I’m due less than a month after Christmas, which of course is just a month after Thanksgiving. Holidays and travel bode ill for eating healthy. For me, the hardest months to keep off the junk food pounds were probably toward the end anyway, when I’m so big around the middle that it just seems pointless to say no to cravings since I’m already huge, ha! False thinking, I know, but…blame it on the hormone-inducing emotional thinking. So, this time around, I started well, I think, but then, when my appetite spiked in the second trimester, the weight gain increased. All of a sudden, I’ve gained a total of 13 pounds…probably not quite where I should be with 20 weeks of weight gain to go…with a recommended gain of 1 pound a week. We’ll see.

However, this second baby is so special because I’m sharing it with a big sister who already gives this baby kisses and raspberries and sibling talk. Those are the moments I need to document.


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