Gender Reveal Party: Little Mr. Or Little Miss?

Gender Reveal Party: Little Mr. Or Little Miss?



I love gender reveal parties because they are an occasion that involves a mystery and a color theme: pink and blue. Plus, it’s an excuse to get together friends and family and celebrate a baby! So, of course, we had to throw one for our second baby, but to keep it simple, we thought we’d make it an ice cream sundae/banana split party using as many pink and blue toppings as we could find at the grocery store. Sometimes food can be the most complicated and time-intensive part of a gathering, in my experience.


One of the most fun parts of gender reveal parties is making predictions and wearing your “vote.” We tried to come up with something fun for people to wear, so we went with ties for BOY “voters” and pink beads for GIRL “voters.” We pulled out all the old hand-me-down ties from my Honey’s closet and went to Goodwill for more (just 1.29 a pop). We got 6-packs of pink necklaces from the local party supply store (averaged about 50 cents a necklace).




For decorations, I scrounged up all the pink and blue party décor I had in the house – threaded a banner of pink and blue balloons and hung some paper pinwheels over the table.

I also made a quick and easy banner to hang over the “voting” table, just to be cute. To keep my triangles even, on the bottom of my rectangular pieces, I started by cutting a slit up the center, as high as I wanted it to come up, then folded that point to the corner to use as a straight line to follow (see photo of steps above). This allowed my two sides to be the same, which was not going to happen otherwise, ha!

For ice cream toppings, we had a million bananas (cut in halves), pink raspberry m&ms, blue peppermint York bites, pink & blue sprinkles, chopped nuts, hot fudge topping, some weird root beer flavored syrup that my Honey liked, and whipped cream (that we forgot to actually put on the table, erg).




For drinks, I mixed up blue raspberry lemonade and pink lemonade – we found blue cups, so I pulled out some leftover (1-year-birthday party) pink paper straws and bought pink napkins.

For the big reveal, we wanted to choose something that we could put together on our own while still keeping it a secret from ourselves…and would build suspense and let the kids play. We decided on something like finding a needle in a haystack/treasure hunt. I bought a little, flat plastic charm (from the floral/Mum decorating section of Hobby Lobby) for the ultrasound technician to write “boy” or “girl” on when we went, so we could tuck it inside an envelope. Then, before the party, we pulled in our baby pool, wiped it down (thanks to my Honey), and filled it with the 100 plastic balls I had bought to build our own ball-pit (plus, all the stuffed animals my Honey could scrounge up around the house to fill in gaps). I carefully placed the marked, plastic piece down in the bottom of the pool; then we covered it with a cloth and left it in a separate room until we were ready for the big event at the party. When the kids were gathered and cameras ready, my Honey pulled off the cloth and let the kids at it. They quickly found it, and one of the moms let the finder read out the first letter…B!

While we were all reveling in the new baby boy, the kids had a “ball” playing in the treasure hunt pit…as you can see.





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