Little Boy Baby Shower

Little Boy Baby Shower


There are few things as fun and secretly self-indulgent as throwing a baby shower. It gives me an excuse to make an entire party that revolves around celebrating a new baby.

I’m not good at sticking to a theme, but this one ended up with a sort of Old Man and the Sea kind of theme, so here’s some quotes:

“It’s silly not to hope. It’s a sin he thought.” ― Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea


I felt very fancy by printing out a menu in a cute font and framing it for a centerpiece on the food table – food selections included:

Fruit (grape bunches & strawberries)

Veggie tray (carrots & broccoli with vegetable dip)

Crackers (wheat thins and triscuit type crackers for dipping)

Raspberry Salsa Cream Cheese Spread (a friend’s recipe)

Chicken Salad (my favorite recipe)

Fruit Tarts (such a pretty, and easy, pinterest recipe)





I made little labels for the drink options,

Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Green Tea (powdered drink mix version, delicious)

Water in the leaky drink dispenser 😉




Sweet Food & Activity:

I also made a version of (Six Sisters Stuff) Snickerdoodle cookies in the shape of sailboats for people to decorate with icing and sprinkles. Plus I had a bowl of blue and white candies that were dark chocolate peppermint York bites or something – the blue candy on the candy aisle of the grocery store!

For eating, we didn’t need forks for anything, so I only laid out a hodge podge of small china plates and cloth napkins. We used my stored up collection of mason jars (from spaghetti sauce) for glasses. (I made sure my dishwasher was empty before the shower so that everything could be thrown in for faster cleanup!)



20130826-153824.jpgDECORATIONS: (links to the how-to’s)

For a boy shower, we wanted cute but still “manly” party decorations. So, I loved this mantel idea on Pinterest where they strung up ties and onesies. I had just bought a bunch of ties for our gender reveal party with the thought that they could double as shower décor. Thanks to my super talented friend at Porch Swing Sewing, who happened to be my shower co-host (and owns all of the beautiful serving dishes on my table!), we had adorable onesies on our mantel banner with a tie, a circled “n” (for baby Nathan), and my favorite: suspenders and bow tie! They were so cute, I could have eaten them up! Plus, they looked perfectly cute and manly, hung between old man ties.

I also strung up a banner of balloons over the entry to the kitchen, and I hung my “coffee filter poof garland” over the gift table. I also had up my window art with Psalm 139:16, “In Your book were written all the days ordained for me before one of them came to be.” This verse is usually associated with babies, especially before they are born, and is so comforting and exciting for a mom to remember when dreaming of and for her unborn child. In my kitchen, I wrote a quote on my chalkboard from I Like You, a cute, old book by Sandol Stoddard Warburg,

“I like you because

I don’t know why but

Everything that happens

is nicer with you

I can’t remember when I didn’t like you.”






1. Late Night Diapers (cute idea via DrivenByDecor): For this, I had a bunch of newborn diapers, some sharpies, instructions, and I used a mini “terrarium” for a container to corral the finished ones. People could write short messages on the diapers for our honored mom to read when changing those million newborn diapers at all hours of day and night, some encouraging and some just for fun.

2. “My water broke!”(hilarious idea via lifetreasured.blogspot): When I saw this on Pinterest, I couldn’t resist doing it at the first opportunity. I bought two packs of tiny babies from Hobby Lobby, and my 2-year-old helped me put one in each ice cube tray spot before filling them with water and freezing them. Each guest got one “baby ice cube,” and the first to have her ice cube melt enough for the baby to float at the top was supposed to say, “My water broke!” and get a prize. The winner was a college girl who kept swirling her drink in strategy to win. 🙂

3. Hospital Survival Kit/Price guessing game: Our final, more traditional game was paired with our hostess gift of a hospital survival kit, since our mom of honor would be giving birth in a hospital for the first time, even though she is expecting her third child. (Joy is at Home had great ideas for stocking it.) After having the guests write down there guesses for 12 items included in our kit and totaling them up, the top two closest to the grand total received prizes. Our kit included a few nursing items from her registry, as well as chapstick, fruit snacks, yummy-looking energy bars, travel face wipes, travel toothbrush kit, soft, elastic headbands, cute socks (b/c I couldn’t find fuzzy ones), a nightgown, and some watercolors for her kids.



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