Get ready for Toddler Activities: Sticky wall art



This has blown up all over pinterest, from sticky art rainbows to sticky art leaf collages/banners to sticky art “stained glass” using tissue paper, so I’m not sure who to credit with this idea, but it’s genius, and I love it for the mess-free creativity/craft that it unleashes.

Sticky Wall Art


  1. Contact paper/shelf liner (1 sheet for back and 1 of same size to put on top if you want to keep this piece of art)
  2. painters or masking tape
  3. bits of something…the first time I just used construction paper that we ripped ourselves, other ideas would be to have a color theme, make a rainbow, use collected outside items, e.g. leaves, pompoms, tissue paper, ribbon or other mixed media

Setup: 8/10 This can be as easy as taping up a piece of contact paper, sticky side out, and handing your toddler some scrap paper to rip up and “stick on” or you can grab whatever craft materials you have on hand or go with a theme from a book or season, e.g. God created birds theme could equal feathers and some pre-cut construction paper shapes of beaks and feet.

Entertainment: 10/10 The first time I did this activity, my 1-year-old was more interested in walking on the backing from the contact paper (the non-sticky paper) and hearing the crinkling sound it made than actually sticking paper bits we’d ripped onto the sticky “canvas,” so this definitely entertained for a while! Now that she’s two, I think she’ll be more into making a picture of something, or exploring different colors or mixed-media textures.

Education: I think this teaches about cause and effect as well as the motor skill of making art on a vertical surface, plus whatever you want to put into the art supplies that may lend to learning shapes or colors, etc.

Cleanup: 10/10 There is no goo to wipe up or off, so this is easy peasy cleanup. In fact, the goal is for your toddler to be “cleaning up” as they put the materials onto the sticky “canvas!”

I don’t use this activity often enough!

Sticky Wall Rainbow by mamapapabubba


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