Get ready for Toddler Activities: Color Matching



So, this requires a bit of pre-planning, but then it’s good to go in two seconds. I cut squares of different colored construction paper and glued them to a large piece. Then, I collected random items from around the house that matched the various colors, 2 or 3 items per color, and put all of this in a gallon-size storage bag with a masking tape label. Done and ready to go!

Color matching


1. Colored construction paper

2. random items of various colors to match construction paper

3. Storage bag

Setup: 10/10 Once the supplies are gathered, this activity takes no setup and can be used over and over.

Entertainment: 6/10 I’ve only tried this once or twice, and Pen Elaine was only a little interested. I’m thinking she’s maybe a little young at 27 months and will get more interested as she’s able to maybe add her own items. Perhaps my gathered items weren’t cool enough, and I needed to invest in a dollar-store run instead of just raiding my sewing stuff, etc. I’m also wondering if my little squares were too small to fit all the matching items, so maybe I should have used an entire sheet of each color or made them into envelopes instead…

Education: 7/10 This definitely improves matching abilities, and with parental guidance, this can be a color-learning activity. Depending on your items, sizes and shapes can be talked about, too.

Cleanup: 10/10 Your toddler can be in charge of putting everything back into the storage bag!

There’s something magical about picking out an activity bag and discovering what’s inside đŸ™‚


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