Get ready for Toddler Activities: Clothespins and Paint Chips



Paint Color Matchup was right up my alley because I love finding uses for the little paint sample cards/ paint chips…in a strange way. Plus, I had everything on hand to prep this activity, so it was super easy and was a big hit! inspired from an idea by

Color Matchup using paint chips & clothespins:


  1. Paint chips in a variety of colors you can easily label to a toddler 🙂 (I used yellow, purple, red, blue, turquoise, and green)
  2. Clothespins – same number as paint chips
  3. Craft paint to match each of your paint colors (I did a little mixing to make some of my colors)
  4. (optional) old plastic container to hold your activity

Setup: 9/10

Initially, there of course is some setup – you have to paint the tips of your clothespins to match your paint chips. Also, if you are not weird like me and have paint chips lying around, you’ll need to make a stop by a hardware store or walmart or other paint supplier to pick up some paint color swatch cards. However, once you’ve made this activity, it involves Zero setup for when you want to let your toddler play with it, and you can always add more colors to the mix.

Entertainment: 10/10

This was a great activity because she got to explore clothespins (if you haven’t used them in play very much previously, like us, this was a good first activity to practice with them), and she loved seeing the different colors. She was highly entertained by the colored clothespins, time and again.

Education: 10/10

Pen Elaine got to work on her fine motor skills, especially mastering the art of opening and closing a clothespin, which was very difficult at first. Of course, this Is a great matching and color-learning activity as well. Plus, she really loved the sense of accomplishment with getting the right clothespin on the matching paint chip. She was able to complete a task and able to achieve a goal; it was very satisfying for both of us, ha!

Cleanup: 10/10

None! My toddler just puts everything back in the container when she is done!


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